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The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, The integration of both art and science of a traditional healthcare therapy that is a branch of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM), massage modality developed by our Thai Ancient Teachers since pre-history and passed down through generations to generations for centuries as a field of Traditional Medicine in Suvarnabhumi area until today.

Thai Acupressure and Yoga (India) or Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupressure (TCM), the three arts developed in their separate ways under different social and cultural influences. What make Thai Acupressure and Thai Traditional Massage (Nuad-Thai) a unique form of bodywork and sets it apart form Yoga and TCM is its techniques which emphasize pressing massage protocol points, using herbal remedies in rubbing , massaging, steaming bath and hot compression, and healing with the power of concentration. These techniques are applied to Thai Acupressure Points, according to the theory of body point protocols to clear stagnant wind and blood and restore their balances to normal flow. 


Thai Acupressure aiming  in Deep Healing to Restore the Balance of  four elements of the human body when it is disturbed by stagnation in the flow of Blood and Wind in energy lines and illnesses, ensue.  

Thai Acupressure is an Integrative Manual Thai Medical Massage Therapy as known as "Nuad Kod Jud" or "Nuad Raksa" which is an Advanced Applied Thai Traditional Medical Massage - Nuad Rachasamnak Modality which involving a deep knowledge in the theory of Thai Traditional Medicine.


Thai Acupressure is a series of presses by fingers and hand along specific lines and points according to specific signal protocols for helping  in deep Quantum holistic levels of the body  to promote the relieving pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, tension, stiffness and other soft tissues of the body; orthopedic disorder; aiming for rejuvenation for deep  internal healing work and rebalance the Body Holistic Mechanism. Thai Acupressure is No oil is applied.

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