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Fatigue is actually a disease condition.

When we are fatigued disease gets a foothold and can more readily settle in our bodies; Fatigue is. Serious as any ulcer of the stomach. Few of us realize that fatigue was given us for a purpose; that it is a barometer with which we have been blessed. It is a shouting of our nerves, our feeling body, telling us we have exerted to our capacity—and that it is time to halt! Fatigue is actually a disease condition.

There are no short cut to overcoming nerve depletion. There may be history of toxic liver, tense muscles, poor circulation; and from the mental side such as negative attitudes as resentment, fear, discouragement, guilt complexes that have become chronic. The healing program takes all these into consideration; right living habits must be established and adhered to, and there must be full cooperation from the patient and those in attendance. Of course the nutrition demands recognition and instructions regarding it faithfully carried out. For instance, it is not generally known that certain foods, such as citrus fruits, cause greater tension when nerves are

Tension and Relaxation exercises should be outline and reglarynx practiced. In fact, learning to relax is an art that will profit everyone. Imaging yourself a rag doll; see how loose you can make your body; LOVE Relaxes

Selfish, hatred, resentment, fear, sensitive news tie people up in Knots and they can not digest even the best foods in the world. And thereby avoid the aftermath of tension : negative thoughts and words strained relations.

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